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Saying No to Weed: Public Opinion Towards Cannabis Legalization in Uruguay


As part of the Latin American Marijuana Research Initiative (LAMRI), Dr. José Miguel Cruz, LACC’s Director of Research, Rosario Queirolo and María Fernanda Boidi released new findings about the marijuana legalization process in Uruguay. “Saying no to weed: Public opinion towards cannabis legalization in Uruguay” is available for reading. Please click the link above.

New LAMRI Reports on Uruguay's Growing Resistance to Cannabis Regulation


LACC’s LAMRI team conducted a workshop in Universidad Católica del Uruguay with authorities related to the implementation of the cannabis law in Uruguay, social organizations and researchers, to discuss some the results of the research.

LAMRI Founding Team Releases New Study on Public Support for Legalization in 3 Countries


José Miguel Cruz, María Fernanda Boidi and Rosario Queirolo analyzed LAPOP data to identify "Determinants of Public Support for Marijuana Legalization in Uruguay, the United States, and El Salvador." Although Uruguay and the United States followed different paths to legalization, factors for predicting positive attitudes toward marijuana regulation are related to political tolerance, ideology, and views on government.

LAMRI Research

Articles and Conference Papers

Rethinking the Leaf? Support for Marijuana Legalization in Uruguay, the United States and El Salvador. (Cruz, Queirolo, Boidi 2015.)

Marijuana Consumption Patterns among Frequent Consumers in Montevideo (Boidi, Queirolo, Cruz, 2015)

Inventando Caminos: The Road of Marijuana Legalization in Uruguay (Arrarás and Bello-Pardo, 2015.)

Experimenting with marijuana policy in Uruguay (Mora and Cruz, 2015.)

LAMRI Reports

Marijuana Legalization in Uruguay and Beyond (Boidi, Cruz, Queirolo, Bello-Pardo, 2015.)

Regulación del mercado de marihuana. Evidencia desde Uruguay a las Américas (Boidi, Cruz, Queirolo, Bello-Pardo, 2015.)

Book Chapter

Inventando Caminos—Cannabis Regulation in Uruguay (Arrarás and Bello-Pardo, 2014, in Rosen and Zepeda.)