Research on Uruguay

This section contains all the research generated by LAMRI about marijuana legalization in Uruguay. Please click on the links below to access each paper's abstract and a link to read the full paper.

Articles and Conference Papers

Rethinking the Leaf? Support for Marijuana Legalization in Uruguay, the United States and El Salvador. (Cruz, Queirolo, Boidi 2015.)

Marijuana Consumption Patterns among Frequent Consumers in Montevideo (Boidi, Queirolo, Cruz, 2015)

Inventando Caminos: The Road of Marijuana Legalization in Uruguay (Arrarás and Bello-Pardo, 2015.)

Experimenting with marijuana policy in Uruguay (Mora and Cruz, 2015.)

Book Chapter

Inventando Caminos—Cannabis Regulation in Uruguay (Arrarás and Bello-Pardo, 2014, in Rosen and Zepeda.)

LAMRI Reports

Marijuana Legalization in Uruguay and Beyond (Boidi, Cruz, Queirolo, Bello-Pardo, 2015.) Regulación del mercado de marihuana. Evidencia desde Uruguay a las Américas (Boidi, Cruz, Queirolo, Bello-Pardo, 2015.)